-> Many homeowners take pride in a lush, thick lawn. With D’s Bedford Landscaping & Tree Service, Corp on the job, you can cross lawn care off your chore list. Over 14 years of experience in lawn maintenance, have made us experts at “making all things green” in your yard. We serve Westchester and Putnam County suburbs with lawn services, snow removal, tree services and yard landscaping. Call us today at (914) 242-9578 or (914) 299-9671 to learn more.

Tim Barkley, Manager, http://dsorganiclandcare.com/


-> D’s Bedford Landscaping is now offering Organic Tick Treatments to our customers. The product used in these treatments kills ticks on contact and provides residual control that lasts from 30-60 days. Covering the entire property starting with the ecotone area that divides the customers’ yard and tree line performs applications. This particular area is known to be the preferred habitat of the deer tick. A light mist is also applied to the customers’ lawn.

Lisa Whistler, Consultant, Manager


-> Because the environment is at the heart of all we do, we offer organic lawn care services for our customers. D’s Bedford understands that some of our customers wish to use only organic lawn fertilizers and organic lawn care products. This is commonly known as “green” or all organic lawn care. D’s Bedford offers program options for organic lawn care, which are effective in helping produce, a green, healthy lawn.

Lisa Whistler, Consultant, http://dsorganiclandcare.com/


-> Everyone experiences lawn care problems at some point in their homeowner history. If you are experiencing a thinning lawn, ineffective fertilizer and excess runoff, these could all be signs that you may need lawn aeration services. Aeration allows your lawn to breathe, and as part of a lawn maintenance program, can help restore your lawn to good health once again.

Lisa Whistler, Consultant, http://dsorganiclandcare.com/