Exterior design ideas

  • Masonry Service
    D’S BEDFORD LANDSCAPING CORP MASONRY SERVICE Our high quality work covers a wide variety of contracting projects. D’s Bedford Landscaping, is able to handle any and all of your contracting needs. We working in the fallowing areas:Westchester,NY, Putnam & Dutchess County §  Stonewall §  Flagstone §  Walkways §  Belgium Block §  Retaining...
  • Lawn Care
    D’S BEDFORD LANDSCAPING CORP LAWN CARE Many homeowners take pride in a lush, thick lawn. With D’s Bedford Landscaping & Tree Service, Corp on the job, you can cross lawn care off your chore list. Over 13 years of experience in lawn maintenance, have made us experts at “making all things green” in your yard. We serve Westchester,NY, Putnam...
  • Tree Services
    D’S BEDFORD LANDSCAPING CORP TREE SERVICES You can trust D’s Bedford Landscaping & Tree Service, Corp with all your tree service related needs. Studies show that in the summer, tree-lined streets are a full five to ten degrees cooler than streets without trees. Indeed, homeowners appreciate the value that mature trees add...
  • Snow Removal
    D’S BEDFORD LANDSCAPING CORP SNOW REMOVAL At D’s Bedford Landscaping & Tree Service, Corp, we understand that winters in the Westchester,NY, Putnam & Dutchess County. But whether the forecast is calling for a dusting of snow, 8-to-12 inches of the white stuff or freezing rain, our snow removal service is always ready....
  • Landscaping
    D’S BEDFORD LANDSCAPING CORP LANDSCAPING Landscaping gives your yard a touch of distinction that sets it apart and makes it a functional, beautiful space. Whether you need help with some outdoor chores that have been piling up, or you’d like to install some new flowerbeds, D’s Bedford Landscaping & Tree Service Corp...











A garden healthier

Many times we come to our garden and we have found unpleasant insects, worms or spiders that immediately make us think our lawn spray to kill them. The first option which resort are pesticides, but it turns out that its misuse makes us environmental pollutants and also does not guarantee the gardens green and healthy with that dream.

many fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are petroleum products. These products kill the microscopic organisms living in the soil and prevent ill or grow properly

many of the problems with the garden and its flowers are due to an imbalance in the land between bodies good and bad. “Using organic products helps restore balance. Insects, bugs and bacteria good fight against evil. When you use organic methods work with nature and not against it